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Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding | Brian + Rachel


September 9, 2022

If you could see me now, seated at my modest desk in the corner of our dining room (and you would graciously ignore the too-loud replay of Kung Fu Panda coming from the family room), you would see my shameless beverage line-up: an iced coffee, half a green smoothie, and a giant jug of ice water – each with their colorful straw. ‘Tis the season in the wedding world! We are all surviving right now, I think, and I often find myself chewing the end of my straw, staring blankly at the oversized paper calendar in the nook of our wall, wondering how I’m going to do it.

I’ve also been working as a second photographer quite a bit this year which is relatively new for me. If we can be honest with each other, I enjoy being a little bit bossy. It is likely very good for me to learn to hang back a little bit.

But today I’ll let Rachel and Brian take the Internet spotlight – their summer wedding at Elkridge Furnace Inn was such a joy to photograph alongside Michelle Jones.

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