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Mercersburg Academy Chapel PA Wedding | Mackenzie + Ryan


June 1, 2023

I come to you this fine Thursday afternoon lightly crisped, my skin a fading pink from a weekend in the almost-summer sun. I spent the first part photographing a stunning wedding on the Eastern Shore, followed by an all-outdoor Memorial Day weekend picking strawberries and sprawling out in the grass surrounded by wafts of smoke from the barbeque and my twirling, shouting children. I spent the first part of my week canning strawberry jam and the second half wiping down the kitchen that was sugar-coated from floor to ceiling.

I’m a new gardener – I appreciate the eating part of growing things, but feels intimidated by the actual growing. Justin built me three gorgeous, custom raised beds in the backyard and I plunged right in, embraced the dirt under my nails and the icy well water dripping off the hose nozzle and onto my toes. And it’s become part of my new evening habit – I cook, Justin cleans – and when he’s washing up, I step out onto the warm concrete of the patio, toasted by a day of full sun, and turn the knob of the squeaky spigot and give all the herbs a good, cooling rain.

I’ve got a bit of a break coming up in July for weddings (have we all decided it’s just too hot to bother?) but I’ve got much to share! Mackenzie and Ryan are up first – their wedding at Mercersburg Academy Chapel was so classically beautiful. I loved the architecture and history of it – and adding in a kind and thoughtful couple made it even sweeter.

Photographed for Karly Forsyth Photography.

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