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Martinsburg, WV Baby Boy on Film | Jameson Christopher


September 7, 2022

I’ve got the dearest in-home newborn session to share with you today – and I’m presenting it with a sheepishly proud grin because I photographed this darling new family on film! I’ve been shooting a roll here and there, dipping just one toe into the water, but this time I dove right in. I think in-home newborn sessions are especially kind to medium-format film – they’re slow-paced by nature, we aren’t in any sort of hurry, and our tiny subject was easily pacified when breaks were needed. And I’m thrilled with how soft and creamy these images turned out with beautiful tones and a depth of richness I don’t often achieve with my digital work.

Film aside, I don’t need to tell you how I feel about babies. I have four of them. I love the way they smell, the tops of their heads like a warm peach against my cheek. You can see the signs of a newborn in a home – the foil-wrapped casserole defrosting on the countertop, burp cloths on every surface, minky blankets draped over the arm of the couch. I miss those foggy, love-soaked days.

Tyler and Robin are all in on sweet Jameson, it was such a treat to spend an afternoon photographing this tender time in their lives.

Gorgeous film scans by PhotoVision

See their Frederick Maternity session here!

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