Stone Manor Country Club Wedding on Film | Veronica + Mike

December 8, 2022


Justin and I are coming up on twelve years as a married couple, which is roughly fourteen years together, which, in my life, feels like a very long time. Whenever we do the math surrounding our first date, our oldest child, or how many years in a row I’ve made Black Forest Cake for his birthday, he squeezes my hand and teases, “That’s longer than you’ve been with anybody!” And it seems silly because we promised we’d be in it forever, but it’s still a quiet point of pride for me because we’ve worked really hard to build it. And now, after over a decade, we’re in that hard-earned sweet spot where most things feel synchronous, we’re in each other’s heads, or, as I like to think of it, the Melt Stage™️.

Somehow, inexplicably, Veronica and Mike, having been married only a few weeks, are already in the Melt Stage™️. You can see it, feel it, it shows up in the way they move together, and in their ease in being photographed side by side. After their fantastic engagement session, I was so excited for their wedding day, and it was a joy to photograph! So raise a glass to Veronica and Mike and enjoy the sneak peek!

Venue | Stone Manor Country Club

Photography | Brittany Thomas

Cinematography | Tim Perry Productions

Beauty | LMH Studios, JV Studio

Florals | Ory Custom Florals

Entertainment | Wizer Productions

Sweets | Tastefully Ever After, Nana B Sweets

Paper | Paper Kate Co.

Film Processing | The Find Lab

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