Dulany’s Overlook Summer Wedding | Stephanie + Jake

October 4, 2022


Perhaps, like me, you are thoroughly waterlogged after four days of rain, and find yourself craving something sunny and warm. Maybe you also have a head cold that is proving to have Olympian-level endurance and you’re beginning to wonder how many boxes of Kleenex a person ought to go through before purchasing it in bulk.

I have tried the traditional methods of comfort – my husband’s worn-through, oversized sweatshirts; turning on the fireplace unseasonably early; herbal tea; bowls of homemade tomato soup with swirls of cooling cream. I’m still not quite back to the land of the living, but I am enjoying an additional dose of cheerfulness today with Stephanie and Jake’s wedding at Dulany’s Overlook this past summer. It was truly the happiest day (peep that First Look photo!), punchy with bright colors and big feelings, and it was a joy to photograph it with Amanda Summers!

I’m due for my next round of DayQuil, but please enjoy the sneak peek!

Need some more summer love? Check out this sunny day at Walker’s Overlook or a bright and happy day at PB Dye!

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