5 Must-Have Wedding Day Moments You Might Be Missing

June 16, 2022


Like every other bride there ever was, you’ll hear it – your wedding day will fly by. You’ll spend months (or years, if you were a COVID bride!) planning and designing your wedding day and much of it will go by in a blur! There’s no getting around it, but I have 5 moments you might be overlooking as you plan your big day.

A First Look

I will never stop talking about First Looks, don’t even try to stop me. I think a First Look is one of the best “new” traditions since mini-cupcakes. It extends your wedding day by hours, you’ll get to spend some real time together, you’ll get more portraits, lower stress, I could go on and on! But there’s other First Looks, too! You can do one with your Dad, your bridesmaids, anyone special to you who would love a little VIP treatment is a go!

Saying your own vows in front of guests

This might sound like a no-brainer, but many couples put a ton of time and effort into the reception and not very much into the ceremony. I’ve seen a trend in the last two years of couples skipping public vows entirely, choosing to read them privately instead. I know you might think you’re saving your guests from sitting in the sun or you’re worried it will take too long – but the ceremony is the whole point! It doesn’t have to be long to be special.

Mingling at cocktail hour

The days of going table to table during the reception to greet every single guest are gone – and I’m happy to see it! If you skipped the First Look, you’re now spending the dinner hour meeting and greeting because we used the cocktail hour to photograph family, bridal party, and romantic portraits. I love to see brides head straight to cocktail hour after the ceremony so they can grab a nip and a snack, mingle with their guests, and unwind before the reception.

Reception room reveal

Speaking of receptions, how about a reception room reveal? Most of the time, my couples don’t see the reception space in all its glory until they walk in for the grand entrance. It can be a lot to take in! If you want to see your vision come to life, take a peek before the reception begins so you can see the space before guests arrive and start putting down coats, purses, drinks, etc. We can make this part of your romantic portrait time if you do a First Look!

A private last dance

This one is new to me! I had a couple who had their guests head outside to prep for the bubble exit while they enjoyed a last dance alone (well, alone + me, their loyal third wheel). It was a very sweet and quiet way to end the night and I think you should do it!

And there you have it! 5 things to consider to make your wedding day even more special and meaningful. 

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