“I just don’t like to write. I’m not good at it, I can’t think of anything to say.” 

 That’s the #1 reason I hear when photographers say they don’t regularly blog, if they even have a blog at all! With all the other options to present your work across websites and social media, it’s easy to feel like a blog is an outdated method of communication that isn’t worth your time. 

Thoughtful, intentional blogging can drive your business! Not only that, but it’s a blessing to your clients to read about their day through your eyes and to share the experience with family and friends who couldn’t be there. 

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Blogging for non-writers

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Looking for a more personalized education experience? Do you have specific questions that may not be covered in a one-size-fits-all workshop? One-on-one mentoring sessions are custom-tailored to your specific needs for the level of your business.

We'll chat about the things YOU want to know, you'll take some fresh new headshots, and you'll walk away with some nitty-gritty information you can use right away to grow your business, improve your craft, and gain confidence with your clients.

2 hours
Greencastle, PA
(Or Skype!)


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The content you present on your website, social media, and blog is often the first interaction potential clients have with your brand. In a saturated market and with an excess of information immediately accessible to the masses, it’s more important than ever that your message stands out! Even more so, that your message is true to who you are, attracts the right type of client, and serves as a genuine introduction to the “real” you.

While most people group wedding photography into the “creative” category, I’d venture to say it falls more on the "business" side! While creating the imagery itself is often an artistic act, there’s countless e-mails, bridal guides, blog posts, social media messages, and client communication that needs to be consistent, clear, and concise. Presenting inconsistent or unprofessional language can be damaging to the growth of your business and nobody’s got time for that! 

I offer copywriting services for your website (About, Services, & Experience), pricing guides, newsletters, and e-mail marketing. I’d love to collaborate with you! 

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What's in your bag?

I shoot Canon! My main body is a 5D Mark III and a Mark II for backup. 

50mm 1.2L
35mm 1.4L
85mm 1.8
100mm 2.8L
70-200mm 2.8L
(2) Speedlite 600-ext's
White shoot-through umbrella
Adjustable lightstand
LowePro Roller Bag

Is mentoring only for wedding photographers?

Nope! Portrait photographers are welcome, too. While the type of photography is different, many of the business items and workflow patterns are the same.

Is anything off limits?

I'm an open book! We can chat about branding, website critique, editing tutorials, shooting styles, understanding light, booking, workflow, etc. I'll send you a questionnaire prior to your session to help create the best possible content for our time together. 

Where do the coaching sessions take place?

At our cozy little cabin in Greencastle, PA! As of now, coaching sessions are not offered outside of my home.