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Heather + Nathan


May 23, 2019

I’m back, baby! It’s been a quiet few months here on my corner of the world wide web and it feels good to blow the dust off and share some new work! It’s been a whirlwind for our family this year and it’s only May, Lord help us. We sold our home of 8 years this past March, the one we bought as newlyweds and brought all of our babies home to. We’ve had soccer, school, promotional exams, trips, and preparation for what feels like the biggest change of all: HOMESCHOOLING. (More on this insanity at a later date.)

So! It felt like a reeeeeeal nice break to spend last Saturday with Nathan and Heather! Ya’ll, I love these two. Big hearts. Big dreams. Big personalities. Big diamond ring (!!!). It seems we’ve been dancing around each other our entire lives without ever meeting – pretty sure Heather and I went to the same elementary school, she’s been a guest at other weddings I’ve photographed, we only have like 459873546 friends in common. How we’ve never met before, I’ll never know.

But hearing how these two met is one of the most incredible, redemptive stories of the restoring power of God, how He makes beautiful things from ashes, and His enduring promise to use all things for good. And these two together are very, very good. We laughed (and kind of sweated but you can’t tell) through the entire session, I love the sheer joyfulness that surrounds these two. Thank you for letting me share in your contagious happiness for a little while, I love you guys! Let’s get you married!

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